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Minimum salary for Employment Pass will increase from 2025

In a bid to enhance its workforce and maintain its competitive edge, Singapore has announced a significant adjustment to its employment pass policy. Effective from 2025, the salary threshold for new employment pass applicants will be raised to $5,600, marking a strategic shift towards attracting top-tier talent. The move reflects

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MOM Covid-19 Vaccine Requirements

Beginning from 1st March 2024, there are no longer COVID-19 requirements for all pass holders. Prior to 1st March 2024, all work pass holders were required to be fully vaccinated before their work pass can be issured. Currently, vaccination requirements are no longer compulsory for work pass holders. Nevertheless, it

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Enhance Construction Productivity in Singapore with MOM’s CoreTrade and Multi-Skilling Programs

Discover how Singapore’s construction sector can boost efficiency and reduce costs by leveraging MOM’s CoreTrade and Multi-Skilling schemes. This comprehensive guide provides insights into enhancing workforce skills and productivity in construction projects. In Singapore’s construction industry, upskilling workers is key to enhancing productivity and reducing costs. The Ministry of Manpower’s

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A Quick Guide to Finding a Job in Singapore

While Singapore is just a tiny speck on the world map, its economy is anything but small. One of the world’s freest economies and a modern city-state, this tiny country in South East Asia definitely has it all. As an idyllic getaway in the Asia-Pacific region with low corporate taxes

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How to Apply for Work Permit or S Pass in Singapore

Thinking of kicking off your career in Singapore? Well, you’re in luck! Singapore has been ranked as one of the best-ranking places in the world to start your career. The city is known for its world-class infrastructure, top notch healthcare system and high standard of living.  One of the reasons

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How to Apply for Singapore Permanent Residency

With strong economic growth and political stability, Singapore is a desirable city to live in. As an expat, you might consider putting down roots and making this Lion City your permanent home. Well, we don’t blame you for wanting to become a permanent resident of Singapore since it is a

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Singapore Manpower Agency – Work Pass Application Services

Work Pass Application Services Navigating the restrictions of employment in Singapore can be a complex process. That is why many foreigners and Malaysians opt to hire Singapore manpower agencies for a one-stop HR solution to save their time and effort. Recruitment agencies in Singapore offer a variety of services including employment placement,

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It has come to our attention that there are a lot of people who only know they need a valid work pass to work in Singapore but do not know what an IPA is. In this post we will tell you the full procedure from when you get hired for

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All foreigners who intend to work in Singapore must have a valid work pass (work visa) before they start work. The 3 most common types of work passes are the Work Permit (WP), S Pass (SP) and Employment Pass (EP). 3 Common Types of Work Pass in Singapore WORK PERMIT (WP) Who

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By 31 March 2023, all employers must buy Primary Care Plan (PCP) for their employees which will cover most of the employee’s primary healthcare needs under a fixed scope of services. Primary Care Plan (PCP) Scheme Who is eligible: A PCP is mandatory for Work Permit holders (excluding MDWs) and

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The new Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass is introduced for top talents from any sector earning a monthly salary of minimum S$30,000. Alternatively, individuals with outstanding achievements in arts and culture, science and technology, academia and research, or sports may qualify, even if they do not meet the salary criterion. Overseas Networks

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