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Important details should include in your job references

Once you have decided on who you want to include in your reference list you need to obtain their permission. If they are happy to act as a reference make sure you get their correct and complete details for your list. These include:

  • full name
  • current job title
  • company name
  • street address
  • city, state, zip code
  • contact number
  • email address


一旦你决定了要将谁包括在工作参考列表中,你需要获得他们的许可。 如果他们愿意作为参考,请确保你获得他们正确且完整的列表详细信息。 这些包括:

  • 全名
  • 当前职位名称
  • 公司名字
  • 居住地址
  • 城市,州属,邮政编号
  • 个人联络号码
  • 电子邮件地址