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Beginning from 1st March 2024, there are no longer COVID-19 requirements for all pass holders.

Prior to 1st March 2024, all work pass holders were required to be fully vaccinated before their work pass can be issured. Currently, vaccination requirements are no longer compulsory for work pass holders.

Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that pass holders receive the COVID-19 vaccine to safeguard themselves against severe illness and minimize the risk of transmission. Pass holders are eligible to receive their free vaccination or an additional dose through the following channels:

For Where
Male non-Malaysian Work Permit holders in the Construction, Marine shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors holding an in-principle approval (IPA)
Get the vaccination as part of the Onboard Programme
Work Permit and S Pass holders working in the CMP sectors, or staying in dormitories
Approach aby vaccination locations (JTVCs) or medical centres
All other pass holders
Approach aby vaccination locations (JTVCs)